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About Yellowbird

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Yellowbird Diagnostics, Inc. specializes in biomedical imaging solutions across commonly used clinical imaging techniques. O​ ur imaging dyes report on early molecular changes in the body, allowing clinicians to identify otherwise invisible disease hallmarks prior to the anatomical changes often in later​ stage disease.

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These dyes provide actionable and earlier diagnostic while seamlessly integrating into existing clinical workflows. Equipping clinicians with Yellowbird’s diagnostic tools can identify disease earlier, which can lead to more effective medical interventions and overall improved patient outcomes.


indistinguishable Signal

Image 1 Image 1 Alt

Cannot discern healthy from disease state

More sensitive brain and heart imaging than current clinical gold-standard

Late Detections

Image 2 Image 2 Alt

Less effective treatment

Kidney functional mapping without using metal

No Diagnostic Solution

Image 3 Image 3 Alt

No current diagnostic exists

Providing biomolecular information where none existed before.

The Team

Nicholas D. Calvert
CEO (PhD Candidate)
Synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, image analysis
Dr. Adam Shuhendler
CSO (Associate Professir & Canada Research Chair)
20+ years in diagnostic imaging research
Alexia Kirby
(PhD Candidate)
Biochemistry, Molecular biology, in vivo models of disease
Dr. Ben Hibbert
(interventional Cardiologist and Assistant Professor)
Biomarker development, high-volume clinical operator

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